​״I have chosen a different way of living my life. For the last 9 years i have been  traveling  the world. I traveled 106 countries in all continent.  My bag is my home.  I have never  had  a regular job, a car- I never even went to university. I got my  education on the road  and  my inspiration from the people I meet.  This is my  life..." Read more...

״Smoky Mountain" Kids Project                                                                                              

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​Our vision is to help the people I meet along the way, Build projects around the world and help the one's in need!

Share the world with our projects and giving people the ability to come and volunteer with me around the world​ and to become port of our project.  

I have been on the road for long time, enjoying the hospitality and kindness of strangers. I am honored that I have the ability to help people If you have an idea for a project that is close to your heart I would love to hear about it. please contact me !

Lo​nel​y Peleg


10 Years, 108 Countries !

Coming up Projects 

- Bulid a school in Cameron in   collabroration with "Rising Education"   

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